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150 Years of Community-Centric Banking

Dear Valued Clients and Community Members,

I am thrilled to share a momentous milestone with you as we celebrate Thomaston Savings Bank's 150th anniversary. This significant occasion is not just a reflection of our rich history but, also a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence.

From our humble beginnings, our mission remains focused on you – to empower our clients for financial success. As we commemorate this milestone, we reaffirm our dedication to being a catalyst for your financial well-being, providing the tools and support needed to achieve your goals.

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We’re Not Just In Your Community; We’re Part of It

150 Years of Community Impact

Throughout our 150 years we have remained dedicated to giving back to our neighbors. Hear from Jim Nichol, George Seabourne, Todd Burton, and Cheryl Lindstrom about the tremendous impact our Foundation has had in the community and what it means to be a true community bank.

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Committed to Local Growth

Refreshingly Different From the Start

As a key part of our community since 1874, Thomaston Savings Bank has always done things a little bit differently, remaining steadfast and independent in an ever-changing financial landscape. Thomaston Savings Bank is more than just a financial institution; it’s an integral part of the community, deeply rooted in its history and committed to its growth. We’ve been here as long as anyone can remember, truly knowing our community inside and out. We’re not here for clever sales pitches or marketing messages; we’re here to share our expertise, help our neighbors thrive, and ensure that future generations have access to the same strong financial foundation we’ve built.


Picture Yourself as Part of Our Story

Join in on the celebration with our commemorative social media filters that transport you back to 1874. Don’t forget to tag #ThomastonSB150!

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Meet Our Past Presidents: Our Future is Brighter Because of the Strength of Our History

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Miles Morse


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Israel B. Woodward


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John H. Wood


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Frank W. Etheridge


Community Bank Building

A Community Bank Rooted in History

Thomaston Savings Bank’s story began in 1874, when a group of community members gathered to establish a bank that would serve the needs of the people of Thomaston, Connecticut. It is now one of the strongest financial institutions in the state. And, as a local bank, our goals are rooted in the success of this community.

1874 building


September 21

Thomaston Savings Bank opened on the corner of Elm and River Street.

1874 building



David Merriam made the first deposit.

1928 building



Luther J. Potter, assistant treasurer of Thomaston Savings Bank was named Secretary and Treasurer of the newly organized Terryville Trust Co.

1939 building



After purchasing the property in October of 1936, excavation for the new Thomaston Savings Bank begins on the site of the old Thomas House.

1939 building



The branch moved to the 140 Main Street building.

1948 building



Dr. Robert Hazen was elected president of Thomaston Savings Bank for his 21st consecutive term.

Thomaston Savings Bank

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