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Positive Pay 

Let us ease some worry by helping to prevent check and ACH fraud.
Once you upload your issued check information, Positive Pay will actively monitor suspicious check activity to help you quickly identify unauthorized transactions and in turn feel more secure about your finances. As checks are presented against your account, you will get an alert if the amount, serial number, or payee does not match your issued check file, and from there, you can determine if Thomaston Savings Bank should pay or return the item.
Positive Pay Helps You:

  • Prevent and quickly detect check fraud
  • Optionally monitor ACH transactions that post to your account
  • Manage pay and return decisions all from one screen
  • To learn more about how to get started with Positive Pay, read the Positive Pay User Guide.
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Account Reconciliation

You undoubtedly have a lot going on and we know that stopping everything to reconcile your accounts is not only tedious, but frustrating – so let us help! We offer partial and full account reconciliation solutions that can greatly streamline the reconciliation process or handle it for you completely!

With Partial Account Reconciliation, we will give you a complete list of each month’s paid checks in numerical order to simplify the process. 

Still looking for more assistance? With our Full Account Reconciliation, upload your check issuance file to us each time checks are issued. Every month we will automatically compare the checks issued to the checks paid and generate a list of items issued, paid and outstanding for your records.