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Mortgage Processing Team

We're excited you've begun your journey to the closing table! Your mortgage loan officer will remain a constant touch point for you throughout the process but we’re adding a few players to your team to help along the way.

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Loan Processors

Our loan processors are an extension of your mortgage loan officer. 

Part of their process includes:

  • Preparing your initial disclosures
  • Reviewing loan applications
  • Evaluating applicant financial information
  • Working with our appraisal ordering department, and more.

You can expect to hear from a member of our processing team to collect any necessary information and make sure you are informed about the next steps in your application process. To help keep the processes moving as efficiently as possible, please respond to our processor’s correspondence and fulfill any of their requests as quickly as possible.

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Loan Underwriters

Once you have reviewed, signed and dated your initial disclosures, expressed your intent to proceed and submitted all necessary income, credit and asset documentation, your file is sent to underwriting.

Underwriters will:

  • Review your application
  • Review your appraisal
  • Check all information and documentation is in order
  • Get clarification on any inconsistencies or gaps
  • Compare your financial situation against your loan's guidelines

If preliminary approval requirements have been met, the underwriter may issue a conditional commitment with items that need to be satisfied by yourself, the bank or your closing attorney before a final approval can be issued.

In the event your application requires further review, an adverse action notice may be issued identifying additional required information before an approval can be given. If your loan is denied, the underwriter will issue a statement of denial indicating principal reasons for credit denial or termination.  

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Loan Closers

Once your loan has been approved by an underwriter, your loan will move to a loan closer.

Our loan closers are the communication hub between our applicants, the closing attorney and all parties involved in the loan closing process.

Loan closers will issue you a preliminary closing disclosure with a breakdown of the specifics of your loan. They can help answer questions about the closing process, ensure all parties are on the same timeline, and work with the closing attorney to provide documentation, schedule closing dates and disburse funds.

Mortgage Lending Leadership

Todd Burton headshot

Todd Burton
NMLS ID ​510612
SVP, Chief Retail Banking Officer

Kelly Crone headshot

Kelly Crone
NMLS ID ​1137968
First Vice President, Residential Mortgage Officer

Tony Sanchez headshot

Tony Sanchez
NMLS ID ​258566
AVP, Secondary Market and Loan Processing Manager