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The Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, Inc. “20 Ways in 20 Days” Initiative is a Huge Success!


Bank Employees Award Grants to 42 Organizations to Commemorate the Foundation’s 20th Anniversary

To commemorate the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation’s 20th anniversary, which was established May 20, 1997, a “20 Ways in 20 Days” initiative was established which empowered all Bank employees to participate in giving back to the communities within the Foundation’s fourteen (14) assessment areas. In addition to the $590,000 in grants awarded in 2017, $30,000 was allocated to be distributed to local organizations chosen by Bank employees.

Bank employees were divided up into 20 teams and given 20 days to identify local organizations to receive surprise grants without any restrictions on how the funds should be used. Each of the 20 teams identified 42 organizations who they felt were deserving of receiving grants ranging from $500 up to $1,500.

Beginning the week after Thanksgiving Thomaston Savings Bank employees presented these surprise grants to the 42 different organizations at each of the Bank’s branches. The culmination of this initiative was the presentation of the last grant on December 22 at our Bethlehem branch to kick off the holiday giving season (see attached list of grantees).

“We are very proud of all our employees and the thoughtful consideration each team put into this initiative to enrich the lives of so many. All of these organizations truly appreciated that our employees cared enough to recommend them for these grants. The money will have a tremendous impact on each organization. Thank you to all Thomaston Savings Bank employees and to the 42 organizations for making this event special for the bank and our communities.” – Stephen Lewis, President of the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation

To view a video about the “20 Ways in 20 Days” grant presentations, Click here.

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In 2017, the Thomaston Savings Bank celebrated its 20th anniversary.