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Your Secured Loan

Borrow funds while using your own savings or CD as collateral.

The Loan Built For Securely Growing Your Funds

Build interest on your savings to date or CD with rates lower than that of other types

Loan Details: 

  • Interest rate for loan is 2.75% over pledged account rate
  • Finance limits: Minimum $500 – Maximum $200,000
  • Billed quarterly for interest
  • Online & Mobile Banking Services available
  • Subject to prepayment penalty – specific rules apply
  • Principal balance is due at the end of the 360 months term. You can make payments to reduce or payoff your outstanding principal balance at any time, without penalty, during the term.

Is This Loan Right For You?

Looking to access funds held in a CD without incurring an early withdrawal penalty? This is the loan for you!

How To Apply

Apply now with these easy steps: 


Step 1

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Step 2

Upload Supporting Documentation2


Step 3

Sign Your Loan Documents3


Step 4 

Receive Your Funds4

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