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Zero & Target Balance Sweep

Consolidate your funds in a master account and disburse to subsidiary accounts automatically.

  • Centralize your funds
  • Automatically transfer between your master and subsidiary accounts to meet your set parameters at the end of each business day
  • Transfers are automatic, eliminating the need to manually initiate transfers.

When your accounts are funded this effectively, your business can reduce idle balances, simplify account reconciliation, and maximize the use of its funds. 

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Investment Sweep

Automatically sweep excess cash into a business savings or money market account at Thomaston Savings Bank at the end of each business day. By earning interest on idle funds, this sweep service can seamlessly roll into your business’s investment strategy.


Insured Cash Sweep

The security of investing in cash deposits with the additional safety of multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage. We’ll automatically sweep funds to deposit accounts at various banks within our network, keeping your exposure below FDIC limits while still earning interest income on excess balances. 

  • Extended FDIC coverage for your cash without managing relationships with multiple banks
  • Stay up to date on your accounts with one centralized statement