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Support in Tough Times

Facing financial challenges can be overwhelming… and even a little embarrassing at times. But you're not alone. At Thomaston Savings Bank, we don't judge – we support. Dedicated to assisting borrowers, our Special Assets Team will explain available options clearly, and help guide you on the path to financial relief.  

Eligibility for assistance will depend on your specific situation and is not guaranteed.

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How to Get Started

Follow the steps below to request borrower assistance. Questions about the process? Reach out to our Special Assets Team using the contact form below. 

Step 1

Download the
Borrower Assistance Form

Step 2

Prepare Supporting Documentation

Step 4 

Contact Us with Questions

1. Download the Borrower Assistance Request Form.

2. Prepare a written explanation of your hardship.

Describe the specific nature of your hardship (i.e. income reduction, divorce, medical issues, etc.

3. Gather your information.

Prepare information about you and all of your income, expenses, and assets, including:

  • Your intentions to either keep or transition out of your home
  • Monthly living expenses
  • The property’s status
  • Your home’s real estate taxes
  • Homeowner’s insurance premiums
  • Bankruptcy
  • Your credit counseling agency
  • Other liens, if any, on your property

Gather the required documentation per your hardship (see an application for details).
Fill out the Borrower Assistance Request Form completely and accurately.

4. Have questions or need help? Contact our Special Assets Team for assistance.

A member of our team will personally guide you through the process of applying for our borrower assistance program.

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Financial Stress

Here are some action items you can take if you find yourself in a dire financial situation.

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Get in Touch

Questions about Borrower Assistance? Fill out the form below to connect with us.

Please do not enter any confidential or personally identifiable information on this form.

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