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Refreshingly Different From the Start

As a key part of this community since 1874, Thomaston Savings Bank has always done things a little bit differently, remaining steadfast and independent in an ever-changing financial landscape. While other banks have succumbed to mergers, conversions, and takeovers, we've thrived by upholding our values and fostering local growth. No risky business practices. No straying from core beliefs. No chasing the newest things to serve a nameless quota. Just financial resources and direct insight for success around here.


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Impact Report

Take a look through Thomaston Savings Bank's latest Impact Report, where you'll discover the tangible ways we're making a difference. From helping individuals build credit and save for the future to supporting local businesses and nonprofits, we're committed to creating a brighter financial future for all. As you dive into the report, you'll uncover a bank that's not just about numbers, but about the communities we serve and the impact we make together.

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Annual Report

Thomaston Savings Bank is all about transparency and keeping our valued clients informed about our financial performance and commitment to the community. Our Annual and Semi-Annual Reports highlight our achievements, strategic initiatives, and unwavering dedication to the financial well-being of our community.

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