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Committed to Local Growth

Thomaston Savings Bank is more than just a financial institution; it's an integral part of the community, deeply rooted in its history and committed to its growth. We've been here as long as anyone can remember, truly knowing our community inside and out. We're not here for clever sales pitches or marketing messages; we're here to share our expertise, help our neighbors thrive, and ensure that future generations have access to the same strong financial foundation we've built. 

Established in 1874, Thomaston Savings Bank is a state-chartered mutual savings bank, owned by our depositors, not shareholders. This unique structure allows us to focus on the long-term well-being of our community, prioritizing the needs of our clients and our local businesses.

As a full-service community financial institution, we're dedicated to providing financial solutions tailored to the specific needs of our neighbors. We strive to deliver exceptional service, characterized by friendliness, efficiency, and a genuine understanding of your financial goals.

Thomaston Savings Bank accepts, with resolve, the responsibilities of being "the community bank." It is our commitment to pledge the resources necessary to support an efficient, reputable, progressive, and secure financial institution, to serve present and future generations.

A historical Thomaston Savings Bank black and white photograph of a bank teller and a customer making a deposit

In September 1874, David Merriam made the first deposit.

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