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Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, Inc. Awards $15,000.00 to Landmark Community Theatre to Help Support the Performing Arts at the Thomaston Opera House for the 2018 Season


THOMASTON, Conn.  – Stephen Lewis, President of the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation presented Landmark Community Theatre (LCT) with a $15,000.00 grant to help support the performing arts at the historic Thomaston Opera House for the 2018 season.

Landmark Community Theatre offers opportunities where the community may produce, participate in and enjoy the performing arts. LCT seeks to educate all ages in theatre and music and strives to preserve and protect the Opera House as a historic landmark and community space. Built in 1884, the Thomaston Opera House serves as a cultural and educational center for the performing arts in Thomaston and its surrounding towns. LCT is committed to continuing the high level theatrical productions that it has become known for throughout the region.


Since Landmark Community Theatre’s inaugural season in 2012, 82,569 tickets have been sold to shows at the Thomaston Opera House resulting in approximately $2.3 million in economic gain for the local Thomaston community. This economic gain includes cultural arts attendees spending money at local restaurants, purchasing souvenirs and gifts, overnight lodging, and ground transportation.


A vibrant arts community keeps residents and their discretionary spending close to home, and attracts visitors who spend money and help local businesses thrive.” – Gary Kingsbury, Board Chairman, Landmark Community Theatre.


LCT is very excited to be entering into its seventh season of managing the Historic Thomaston Opera House. The 2018 season is underway with shows that include:To Kill a Mockingbird, Godspell, Annie, We Will Rock You, and Elf the Musical.


“We commend Jeff Dunn, the trustees of Landmark Community Theatre, the countless hard-working and talented volunteers and their relentless dedication to the arts for bringing the performing arts to the Thomaston Opera House. Audiences are able to enjoy some of the best theatrical productions in the region due to Landmark Community Theatre’s management of the Thomaston Opera House.” – Stephen Lewis, President & CEO, Thomaston Savings Bank and President, Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, Inc.


For more information about these shows and Landmark Community Theatre at the Thomaston Opera House visit:

2018 Landmark Community Theatre Donation

Annual grant presentation to Jeff Dunn, Landmark Community Theatre for the Thomaston Opera House