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Health Savings Account (HSA)

The last thing you want to do when you need to see your doctor is worry about the cost. With a Health Savings Account (HSA), individuals with High-Deductible Health Plans can focus on their health instead of their wallets. This tax-deductible account allows you to cover qualified current and future medical expenses. Best of all, there are no monthly service or transaction fees.


Money deposited and interest earned on this account are tax-deferred and can be withdrawn tax-free. And with free checks, a Visa HSA Debit Card, and free Online Banking and Bill Pay services, managing the costs of your healthcare becomes that much easier. Plus, our HSA is a tiered rate product, allowing you to earn more when you save more. Check out some frequently asked questions about HSAs.

Contribution Limits:

HSA Plan Type
Catch up (Age 55+)
2023 Tax Year
2022 Tax Year
HSA Individual
HSA Family
  • Save for healthcare costs if you're currently enrolled in a high-deductible healthcare plan
  • Earn more interest when you maintain a higher balance
  • Cover qualified current and future medical expenses
  • No monthly service or transaction fee
  • Deposits and earnings from interest are tax-deferred and can be withdrawn tax-free for qualifying expenses
  • Includes easy access through checks, Visa HSA Debit Card and online services


Open an account online or at your nearest branch.