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Thomaston Savings Bank has recently partnered with the Connecticut Association for Human Services (CAHS) and the United Way of Greater Waterbury in an impactful collaboration. The three organizations united to host a transformative Healthy Banking Workshop at the Waterbury Reentry Welcome Center. Bank employees delivered a comprehensive financial literacy presentation and offered on-site account opening for attendees seeking to embark on their financial journey.

“By offering financial education, resources and on-site account opening for individuals re-entering society after incarceration, we are not only providing them with a practical tool for financial stability, but also extending a hand of support and opportunity. We are dedicated to fostering inclusive communities where everyone has the chance to thrive.” – Patryk Krakowski, VP, Regional Manager, Thomaston Savings Bank

The Bank was thrilled to assist 13 participants in opening bank accounts, including an individual who had just been released from serving 34 years in prison and was now rejoining society. Through this initiative, participants had the opportunity to open Bank On certified Uncommon Accounts, an account from Thomaston Savings Bank requiring an initial deposit of only $10, with no minimum balance requirement. The event received generous sponsorship from the United Way of Greater Waterbury, who provided funding to support those opening accounts.

“Financial capability services, like affordable and safe bank accounts, positively impact reentry, addresses financial inequities and reduces recidivism. We appreciate this collaboration in combating poverty and promoting economic security for reentry citizens as well as the unbanked/underbanked population in Greater Waterbury.” – Takima Robinson, Chief Program Officer, Connecticut Association for Human Services

Thomaston Savings Bank was the first Connecticut mutual community bank to offer a Bank On certified product, introducing the Uncommon Account in early 2021. This remarkable account is designed to cater to a diverse range of consumers, particularly those who are currently unbanked or underbanked. Setting it apart, this account does not assess overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees, fostering a healthier and more positive relationship between consumers and their financial institution. Furthermore, customers with an overdraft or non-sufficient funds history with another institution are eligible to open this account, exemplifying the Bank’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

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