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Thomaston Savings Bank employees raised a total of $11,050 for local organizations through their Denim Days over the past several months. The Bank’s Denim Days allow employees to wear jeans on Fridays throughout the month for a small donation to a preselected local nonprofit which provides vital services to the community. If employees donate a total of $1,000 or more throughout the month, the Bank will contribute an additional $1,000 to that month’s cause.

"We were so surprised to have been the recipient of Thomaston Savings Denim Days in December! The timing was perfect, with the rising costs of heating this winter these funds covered that increase. Thank you to all the employees who donated." - Christine Nelson, Executive Director, Thy Eagle’s Nest

Thomaston Savings Bank donated a total of $21,855 in 2022 towards 12 local nonprofits through the Denim Days initiative. The Bank will continue this employee campaign through 2023.

The recipients include Plymouth Community Food Pantry, Brian O’Connell Homeless Project, FISH (Friends in Service to Humanity), the Plainville Food Pantry, Thomaston Community Pantry, Thy Eagle’s Nest and Brian’s Angels Homeless Outreach.

The Plymouth Community Food Pantry’s mission is to reduce food insecurity by providing healthy and nutritious food, wellness programs and community referrals to those in need. For more information on how to donate go to

The Brian O’Connell Homeless Project works to make life easier for those that are homeless by providing them with food and other aid and services. For more information about their mission and how to help go to

FISH (Friends in Service to Humanity)’s mission is to provide the most basic of human needs – food, shelter and hope. They provide services including a large emergency homeless shelter and a food pantry distributing over 80,000 meals this year. For more information go to

The Plainville Food Pantry is a non-profit outreach agency that provides food, energy assistance, clothing, crisis intervention and referral services to individuals in need. For more information go to

The Thomaston Community Pantry’s mission is to provide food to those in need, who reside within the Town of Thomaston. For more information on how to donate go to

Thy Eagle’s Nest works to provide essential items and necessities to those in need throughout the local community. For more information about donations and collections go to

Brian’s Angels Homeless Outreach is a non-profit organization in Bristol, CT which provides items such as toiletries, non-perishable foods, clothing, temporary shelter and supplies to those in need. For more information go to

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